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I don’t know what to do about this shit. Sweating ductwork ruined a bedroom in my finished basement. Help.

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I don't know what to do about this shit. Sweating ductwork ruined a bedroom in my finished basement. Help. submitted by /u/DarkSideOfTheMoon79
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Help on trane voyager

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Need to know if shorting terminal 1&2 w/10k ohm thermistor will make unit run at 70 heat 74 cool for emergency. Don't know how trane controls sense that but if it can get me by I'll do it. Any ideas?

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A few questions and things for the experienced fellas

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Hey guys, My name is Chad and im 19 years old. I live in the mid Michigan area.

I've been in the HVAC trade for about 3 months no schooling.

I figured this was a good fit because I taught myself how computers are built, so i'm giving this awesome stuff a shot.

Here are some questions, no sugar coating I want straight forward answers from you guys.

My ambition is to completely learn everything I possibly can about HVAC, down to the last page of code. Which I feel for now I have already established a really good understanding and foundation of this work. I want to be one of the best at this work in my state with an insurmountable amount of knowledge. After mastering and continuing to soak in all of this knowledge I want to proceed to my license in this, Plumbing, and Electrical as well.

  • With those ambitions could I start tagging the 100k a year mark?
  • Are certifications worth anything?
  • Are you guys happy with your salary and how it supports your living?
  • What kind of car do you drive after how many years of HVAC? haha
  • Do you still feel the satisfaction at the end of every service call/install like I do? (A job well done)
  • Does actually knowing the chemistry and physics help your career and does it help you get paid more?

Thanks brothers.

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You have four (4) 250w motors in a case. How much heat do they produce?

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Had this question in class today and it kind of bugged me. The answer was 3412 BTUs.

That is saying the motors make 100% heat energy. Right?

Wouldn't they product X% of heat given their efficiency? Where does the mechanical energy come from then?

I feel like I'm answering my own questions but the teacher insisted the test answer was correct. I still don't understand.

Any input would be great!

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Cap for Drain

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So I’ve had ants recently and can’t find where they are coming from. I was changing the filter and noticed the drain for the ac was uncovered. I had it serviced the end of October, should it have a cap or the brush that is attached?pictures

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Help with Amana furnace polarity problem!

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So one of our techs called me today to help him troubleshoot a furnace he's working on and it honestly had me stumped so I want to see what y'all can help me come up with. And before I get too far ahead of myself I just want to say all the information I have on this furnace has been told to me over the phone. I have not been hands on and can't verify any of this info but I trust what the other tech has told me.

The tech is on his second call back to this house for the same problem each time which is no ignition due to reversed polarity. The furnace gets all the way in the sequence of operation to when the gas valve should open but drops out just before ignition and starts to give an error for polarity. This is on an Amana model GUID070GA40.

His first trip out he did find the polarity was reversed (checked voltage from L1 to R) so he corrected it and everything was fine. A few days later the customer called back, he found the same problem so he changed the board. Everything worked again so he left. Customer called back again today so he went out and found the same issue once again.

He told me his polarity, incoming voltage, and secondary voltage are all correct. The system is properly grounded with no resistance between neutral and ground. No electrical work has been done on the house recently that might be screwing with things either.

I'm super stumped on this one and am getting sent out tomorrow for a second opinion on the system. Anyone got any ideas on where to go with this? Pretty much all I can think of is a possible shorted wire somewhere but surely someone out there much smarter than I can come up with a better theory. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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