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Daikin Altherma EKHBH054BA/EKHBX054BA error 7H – help with getting a replacement flow switch

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Hi /r/HVAC!

First time poster here with a plea for help.. I’m in a pretty unique situation and am hoping the community can help and or point me in the right direction. I recently purchased a new home (to me at least) that has a Daikin Altherma EKHBX030BA6VJU installed. I’ve been told by more than a few HVAC repair technicians in my neck of the woods (DC/NOVA) that this is a commercial system.

My initial google searching tells me that might be the case – at least for the US. The European manufacturer labels and part availability on tells me that that might not be true across the pond..

Regardless, I’m 99% sure that the issue I’m having with my system has to do with the flow switch. I’ve purged the system and cleaned both the water inlet filter and the flow switch itself and cannot get the error to clear (7H). Reading around on forums tells me that the flow switch has been known to fail quite regularly. I’m going on week two without AC and am kind of desperate at this point. I’m placing orders on but am not crazy about the prospect of being without AC for another two to three weeks.. Does anyone know of anywhere that would give a non-contractor the time of day to see if they have replacement parts available for this unit?

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“Let’s just install that right on the ceiling. Perfect!”

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"Let's just install that right on the ceiling. Perfect!" submitted by /u/clammyhydra
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Tech replaced TXV valve, unit still short cycles.

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We've gone through 2 thermostats, checked voltage and today swapped out TXV valve and the compressor still intermittently shuts off. What else could it be?

AC compressor, after its been running for a while, will turn off and then try to turn back on. It does this 10 times in a row or more. Sometimes just never gets back on. Usually I just turn off the unit to avoid long term damage.

Last time this happened, tech had gauges on it and thought TXV valve was culprit. Put in a new one and didnt work. I might need to have a 2nd opinion as I cant imagine this should be this challenging to diagnose. If you guys have any ideas on potential causes, I'd be interested in hearing them.

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Newbie HVAC tech needs advice

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To start the story, I’m in southwest Florida. It’s in the 90’s right now and extremely humid.

So I go out on this call today for a potential low on gas situation. Upon arrival I go in the house and it feels cool, but extremely wet in the house. Tstat was set to 77. I notice there is mold around every supply registers.I start outside, check the subcooling, it’s right where it’s suppose to be and the charge seems correct. I immediately call my service manager for help and ask him causes. He says to check the return air temp inside and compare it to the return air temp in the air handler( which is in the garage) he says if I have a significantly higher return temp outside that it may indicate a return air leak in the attic. Check both and they are within a couple degrees. I take the door off the air handler and it’s covered with mold. Lots of mold on the blower wheel. I climbed in the 150 degree attic for a look. No issues with the supply or return lines. So here’s my question what is causing the wetness in the house? The house is a snowbirds house which basically means it’s vacant in the spring and summer and the owner comes in for the winter. The house has been empty since March. The air stays on and they have a house sitter that comes every 2 weeks. Up until 2 weeks ago everything seemed fine according to the sitter. This place even had mold growing on the couches in the family room. Is there something I was missing?

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