Quieter Fan/Turbine for consumer HVAC applications: The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

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I'm an independent inventor, I Patented a new Propeller/Turbine design I name The Peripheral Tunnel Propeller US 9157324

At my site http://jaacosta.com/wtp/

Its main features:

  • Quieter than any classic bladed propeller (it don't attacks the fluid with an flat surface instead confines it into a circular chamber relative to the rotation axis, so it lacks the typical "flop" noise associated with propellers blades and trades it only a relative inaudible friction noise.

  • Hyper-axial non liquefying flow: this is liquid don't revolts due propeller action neither gains centrifugal movement thus the flow is very focused like no other propeller.

  • safer operation: since the propeller doesn't present blades but an external barrel and internally the tunnels also is very unlikely an object to get hooked but the propeller flowing throw it w/o obstruction.

I lack industry contacts, after exhausting local possibilities in my country (I'm at Venezuela, have been insanely difficult here) so I'm looking fo a partner which help me to commercialize and monetize this IP on fair terms.

Besides being the Patent Titular, I offer related Know-How services, even those interested to 3-D print a propeller for a boat or a fan for cooling or propelling a drone I could sell a .STL file with the intricate shape.

I'm looking for Industrial Partner not Attorney/Patent Trolls please, I dream to develop this invention.

I'm here to answer your questions Ask Me Anything please:

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