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A/C Install Cost? Starting to get quotes (Northeast, USA) Comfortmaker vs Bryant vs Trane

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Had a contractor come out and provide me the following quote for a house in the Northeast United States. (high humidity, hot summers)

About the house:

-2 levels

-1800 SF

-No existing ductwork


-NEW DUCTWORK in a house currently with no ducts.

-2.5 ton 13 Seer Comfortmaker air handler and condenser

-Pan under air handler

-includes all wiring, grills, thermostats, registers, drops to lower level

-10 year parts and labor

ALL IN: 10k

Options to upgrade to trane or Bryant: $1k

Option to upgrade to 16 Seer comfortmaker: $550

Option to upgrade to quiet model comfort maker (NXA6 or CSA6): $700

Contractor has good ratings online. Thoughts on the proposal/Equipment/price point?


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Best meter for commercial refrigeration

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Commercial maintenance/service tech doing refrigeration and A/C. I’m looking for a new meter that will have all the functions I need. Current one I have doesn’t have microfarads and would like to get a new meter that has everything I need.

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Wiring my Honeywell T5 but not blowing cold air

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I'm replacing my current thermostat for a Honeywell T5 and running into a problem. I've replaced the colored wires in their exact same positions on the new thermostat and everything seems to work, however, when I turn on the air conditioning it blows warm air. Compressor and fan run outside but it's warm air.

I've included a picture of my current thermostat as wired which works fine, and you can see the honeywell harness behind it. Only differences is that I put the current O wire in the O/B and the RC wire into just the R. Any ideas how this would happen?

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Tracking down mold in my vents

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TLDR; I've been having serious neurological issues that I'm pretty sure is coming from my A/C system. How to I identify / remediate mold in my A/C?

I've been getting tingling & numbness in my hands and feet, at the same time. Always in both my hands and feet, usually only on one side of my body, sometimes both, and it switches. Been getting "drunk" dizzy for hours, except I don't drink. Ever. I wake up feeling just as tired as when I went to bed, except I can't go back to sleep. Doctors cleared me of most obvious neurological disorders, after a couple trips to the ER.

My symptoms had been progressively getting worse for 2 months. Left town on business for 4 days, instantly felt better. The day I come back, I feel worse. I work from home, so I'm home all day. I realized my symptoms are worst when I'm in bed AND I have my A/C on. A vent blows directly on my face. So the HVAC is my prime suspect right now. I just paid a guy $500 to come down and do a "mold inspection." He spent 40 minutes to take 4 samples and left. A waste of money. I could have done that – I need to know where the mold is coming from and how to fix it.

I live in RI and it's like a big small town. I've tried 3 different HVAC people in the past (2 private, 1 corporate), they've all charged a fortune, and they've been terrible. I'm not interested in dropping $1,000 to have someone come out again and NOT fix the issue – I've been down that road (I'll spare you the details, but will post a comment if someone really wants to know). Seems to be a recurring theme out here.

This all started when I started running my A/C in March. I bought the house a couple years ago, and the installation is not great. The exhaust / inlet pipes are reversed, so condensation ends up going from the exhaust into the inlet. The inlet runs a downward angle from the wall to the furnace, so when I run my A/C, humidity condenses in the inlet pipe and I get a steady trickle of water dripping into my furnace. I place a plastic bag over the inlet in the summer to keep that from happening. I replace my filters every 3~12 months. Never more than 12. My ducts run through my attic, which reaches a toasty 110+ in the summer.

Anyway, I just want this problem fixed. I'm pretty handy and am down to invest the time and effort. Any advice?

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Tech tool question. (Service techs only)

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What y’all using in the way of multimeters with an amp clamp option? I’ve had a uei and the smaller field piece. Both had min/max reading and a k type port for clamps and such. I’d like something similar and just thought I’d check the pulse on reddit

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Anyone switched careers from white collar?

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I'm studying engineering at uni. It's boring. Going to try out HVAC.

What was your previous career/job?

How much more are you satisfied after making the switch?

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